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I AM- Affirmation Candle

"I AM" is the most powerful phrase you can speak because what follows "I am" defines who you are in the moment. Strive every day to reaffirm your awesomeness. I AM affirmations are for self love and daily visualization of positive words. Keep your candle in a place where you can see them everyday since it helps you repeating the words few times a day. 

Inspired by the song "I AM' feat Flo Milli. Scan your QR code for a inspirational playlist curated to help you start your day off right!

On this candle you can use a pen or marker to write your own I AM Affirmation to affirm everything that you are. You can write your affirmation, turn on the special playlist and burn your candles as a daily reminder.

Scent Notes: Lavender, White Sage, Chamomile and Sandalwood