• Candle Mood Box
  • Candle Mood Box
  • Candle Mood Box

Candle Mood Box

Candle Mood Boxes includes:

• 11oz vegan candle of your choice

• A playlist of music

• A free wax melt

• A surprise (self care gift)

• Suggested self care techniques/tips


Our Candle Mood Boxes create an dope experience from begining to end. Lighting a candle should be a total experience from begining to end. Every candle will come with music, a surprise gift.

Musical playlist will include music for selected candles that reflects the name of the candle. For example, BAE is a 90s R&B vibe.

We are also providing surprise gifts with each candle. Surprise gifts will be different every month as we are teaming up with other black owned businesses to include their products in our candle mood boxes such as bath soaks, sage, sugar scrubs, soaps, face masks etc. Each month will feature a different business and product.


Everyone deserves some ME Time and we wanted to create an experience to help you relax,refresh and re-energize.

So now imagine having a super busy day, running errands, working dealing with annoying coworkers/managers, just doing everything for others but never yourself.

Me Time allows you to take the time you need for yourself in order to be the best version of yourself. Taking "me" time also builds your self esteem over time, as you come to realize that you are important and deserve to have a little time to yourself.


Light your candle, turn on your favorite song from your J'Luxe Scent-phony playlist while soaking in the tub with a natural floral bath tea.

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