Her Story

J’Luxe Scents and Company is a Luxury Home Fragrance Company based out of Waldorf, Maryland. Our lavish selection of all-natural soy candles are artisan-crafted with 100% premium soy wax. We help bring a luxurious experience to your home with lush notes and decadent combinations that illuminate your space. The J'Luxe vegan candles are cruelty-free, sustainable, and eco-friendly. Our candles are hand-poured in small batches for quality and richness in each candle. Our candles are made of only the highest quality, custom blended, natural ingredients that make the home smell clean and fresh. Our vision is to ignite a movement that allows women to take the time for themselves and connect with their emotional wants and needs through gentle, subtle scents and beautiful sounds. 
We uphold the belief that lighting candles should be an experience from beginning to end of the wick. All J'Luxe candles are diversely scented natural candles with music, we infuse your space with sound and light to create a meditative ambiance. The atmosphere is the focal point in our unique candle creations. Relaxation is enhanced with our intuitive fragrance dispensing technology and ambient audio tracks. For example, B.A.E. is a candle that stands for Black and Excellent and it has a 90's R&B soundtrack to compliment the sentiment. Not only do we proudly celebrate the Black community with our product line, we also collaborate with other Black-owned companies to have their products featured in our J'Luxe Mood Box. Our customers deserve only the best. We've had fantastic collaborations with businesses that provide bath soaks, sugar scrubs, shower steamers, face masks, soaps, along with other products that enhance your J'Luxe candle experience. We provide you with a complete experience.  Light your J'Luxe candle, turn on your favorite song from the curated playlist, and soak in your bath while you sip on your herbal tea. You deserve the best.