Her Story

Hi! Welcome to J'Luxe Scents & Co.

I'm Jamese, CEO of J'Luxe Scents & Co. I am 26 years old with a passion for craft and design. I've always been a lover of candles and the idea that something so small has the ability to change the mood.

I created this brand as a way to provide a more healthy vegan alternative to candles while also creating a total experience. This luxury brand will give people a more luxurious option while still being eco friendly and affordable.

J’ Luxe Scents and Company is a Luxury Home Fragrance company based out of Waldorf, MD. We Specialize in handmade all natural soy candles. Our soy candles are made with high quality 100% premium soy wax. Vegan Candles are better for people, animals and the environment, which are cruelty-free, sustainable and eco friendly. Each candle is hand poured in small batches so each client will get a quality product every time.




 Candle Mood Box:

We believe that lighting our candles should be a total experience from beginning to end. Every candle comes in a mood box which includes a musical playlist that reflects the name of the candle. For example, BAE is 90s R&B vibes. We are also including surprise gifts by collaborating with 12 other black business owners to have their products featured in our candle mood box. Not only, will you be supporting two black businesses at once but you will also get a sample of their products as well. Example of of some products you will receive are bath soaks, sugar scrubs, shower steamers, face masks, soaps, etc. Each month will feature a different business and product/surprise gift.  We create a mood: Light your candle, turn on your favorite song from the playlist while soaking in the tub with a floral bath tea.
Our Mission:
We hope to inspire and empower women with home good products that promote love, laughter and life through scents that uplift their mood with a total experience. Our vegan candles are heavily scented to fill the space of your home while still being eco friendly. We use catchy, trendy and creative names and phrases that we hope will light up a dark room for someone.